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Dr. Hamidu Adinani: A Promising Figure in Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics


Hamidu Adinani is a medical epidemiologist and biostatistician with a strong academic background and a passion for pursuing a career in academic research. He obtained his medical doctor degree from Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College in 2012, followed by a Masters of Science in Epidemiology and Biostatistics in 2021.

Research Interests

Dr. Adinani’s research interests primarily focus on maternal newborn and reproductive health, HIV, vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs), and health services research. His diverse skill set in data management and analysis, including proficiency in software such as Stata and SPSS, allows him to effectively contribute to the field of epidemiology and biostatistics.

Experience and Expertise

With a solid foundation in epidemiology and biostatistics, Dr. Adinani brings a wealth of experience in Tanzania’s healthcare system and project management. He has demonstrated proficiency in various stages of research, from study design to implementation and monitoring. This practical experience, coupled with his academic journey, reflects his dedication to advancing knowledge in public health and epidemiology.

Professional Engagement

Dr. Adinani is an active member of the Medical Council of Tanganyika (MCT) and the Medical Association of Tanzania (MAT), showcasing his commitment to professional development and ethical medical practice. His contact address is provided as P.O. Box 18 in Moshi, Tanzania, with email and mobile phone number +255764660165.


Dr. Adinani’s blend of academic rigor, practical experience, and professional engagement positions him as a promising figure in the field of medical epidemiology and biostatistics. He is well-equipped to address critical health challenges through evidence-based research and interventions, both in Tanzania and beyond.

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