AFYAData: The Evidence-based Solutions Provider

is a consultancy company that aims to improve population health in low and middle-income countries by generating reliable health evidence to support decision-making in the health sector. We offer a range of services including project design, project and grant management, policy advice, third-party monitoring, and implementation research.

AFYAData has multi-disciplinary teams in Tanzania and other Sub-Saharan African countries, and their areas of expertise include Primary Health Care (PHC) development, health workforce strengthening, health information systems, programme performance monitoring, vaccination, clinical trials monitoring, and digitalization. We work with a variety of clients including research funders, governmental institutions, international organizations, colleges and universities, research firms, bilateral and multilateral donors, and philanthropic organizations.

The organization’s founders have significant experience in managing health projects and data in various health interventions. AFYAData provides evidence-based and tailor-made solutions to build capacity for long-lasting improvements in population health.

Our vision: To be a center of excellence in producing health evidence that can be relied upon when making decisions to improve health sectors, strengthen health systems, and improve access to health services in low and middle-income countries.

Our mission: To provide evidence-based, integrative, and tailor-made solutions that build capacity for long-lasting improvements in population health and contribute to the strengthening of health systems in low and middle-income countries, with special attention to equity and inclusion of vulnerable groups.


AFYAData is composed of a team with the following expertise 

  • epidemiology, 
  • biostatistics, 
  • Parasitology, and Molecular Biology, 
  • Pharmacy, 
  • IT, 
  • medicine 
  • health system 
  • health services and organization
  • Community and public engagement
  • Research Ethics
  • Laboratory animal welfare
  • Research Quality Assurance (OECD GLP, GCLP)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Clinical research

Our Customers

AFYAData Consulting and Research conducts public health research to help the governments and other key players in health  to keep pace with the ever-changing and challenging health systems and to help them solve the challenges of their organizations. AFYAData Consulting and Research Department also intends to play a significant role in improving the functions of data systems in different organizations playing a role in providing health services and improving health. Our clients are therefore in five levels:

  • Research funders
  • Governmental institutions
  • International organizations
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Research firms